International Summer School

Tree Rings, Climate, Natural Resources, and Human Interaction

5 August - 19 August 2013, Abakan, Russia




Ramzi Touchan

Ramzi Touchan is a Research Professor in the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research and a Professor in the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Arizona. His field of expertise is developing long tree-ring chronologies to reconstruct past climate in different parts of the world.

Current research programs include establishing a multi-century network of climate records for the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa based on tree rings by extending and enhancing existing tree-ring datasets, and by developing new tree-ring chronologies geographically and temporally. This network is being used to study inter-annual to century scale climate fluctuations in the region and their links to large-scale patterns of climate variability.

David M. Meko

David M. Meko is a Research Professor in the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research and a Professor in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Arizona. He uses tree-ring data and instrumental data to study the natural variability of climatic and hydrologic systems on spatial scales from small watersheds to continents.

He has developed extended records of stream flow for water resources agencies in the western United States. Current research topics include riparian dendrochronology, the improvement of quantitative methods for stream-flow reconstruction, and estimation of the variability of the North American monsoon.


Topics to be covered


Who should attend

The course is structured for participants who have an interest in learning the applications of Dendrochronology
and have a preliminary background in statistic.
The language of the course is English. Here are some sponsors and photos from the 2012 summer course.

Activities of a previous Summer School held in Spain (2012)






International Dendro Summer School in Kiato, Greece 11–20 July 2011










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Prof. Vladimir Shishov
Research interests: Dendrochronology, Dendroclimatology, Mathematical Modeling in Ecology, Applied Statistics, Information interactive systems.
Main research area: Spatial-temporal analysis of tree-ring growth forcing by environmental changes.
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Dr. Elena Babushkina
Research interests: Plant ecology, Dendrochronology, Dendroclimatology, Botany.
Main research area: The influence of ecological factors on the variability of radial growth and structure of tree rings. The ratio of internal and external factors in the differentiation of xylem
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Mrs Liliana Belokopytova
Research interests: Plant ecology, Dendrochronology, Dendroclimatology, Linguistics
Main research direction: Spatial analysis of climate-induced dynamics of tree-ring chronologies using GIS and remote sensing methods. >
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